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If you’re looking for a new manual or powered wheelchair — you’re in the right place.


About Us

Our Story

Bespoke Mobility UK Limited is a well-
known Mobility company based in the North West covering far and wide across the UK. 

Our passion is at the forefront of your mobility and independence. With over 40+ years experience we're delighted to share our product knowledge with you.

We’re proud to have produced years of happy customers working alongside case managers, occupational therapists and physio therapists right across the UK,  and we look forward to continuing our work for many more to come!

What are you waiting for?

Contact us today for an exceptional bespoke experience.

Balder Finesse 290 Powerchair (stand-up)






Check Out the New balder finesse F290 LUX (Stand Up)Powered Wheelchair

Bespoke your new manual or powered wheelchair.

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Can't find the powered wheelchair you want? No problem! We'll source it for you.

At Bespoke Mobility UK, we have many years’ experience sourcing new and used front, mid or rear wheel drive compact indoor or outdoor powered wheelchairs, and are one of the UK's leading supplier of sit to stand up powered wheelchairs, custom made bespoke pressure relieving cushions and wheelchair backs, all at some of the fantastic prices.

We also have a trusted network of mobility manufacturers and dealers who we can rely on to source the best powerchairs at the best prices for you.


Complex Rehab Manual

& Powered Wheelchairs 

           Pressure Care              Seating & Positioning

Free Home Assessment Service

Mobility & Seating Assessment

 Electric Powered Wheelchairs

Indoor outdoor powered wheelchairs

Services We Provide

Free No Obligation Mobility Home Assessment & Demonstration 

We have many years of experience in the mobility and healthcare sector and have built up a strong working relationships with local, regional and national charities, also working closely with case managers and their client's who have complex needs.

Bespoke Custom Made Manual & Powered Wheelchairs

We are able to offer you only the highest quality of modifications from specialist controls, headrest supports, seat adaptations, to arm rest supports and a vast variety of custom bespoke options to suit your needs.

Annual Inspection Servicing 

Our convenient mobile mobility workshops are proud to offer an unparalleled choice of spare parts for your manual or powered wheelchair.

Emergency Breakdown

We hope that you have a trouble-free experience with your manual or powered wheelchair. However, if a problem should occur, Bespoke mobility is your first point of call.

Enjoying the outdoors

Indoors or outdoors, Bespoke Mobility UK are able to offer manual & electric powered wheelchairs that have the performance and manoeuvrability to get you where you want to go, from compact indoor power chairs to more robust outdoor powerchairs giving you the comfort and support, by having larger batteries means long range so you'll always be in control of your freedom and independence.

Getting it right 

When choosing your new manual or powered wheelchair, getting it right is a must, so that's why we would always recommend you having an assessment to go through all of your options, looking at the type of environment around the home or maybe access to work making sure it meets all of your requirements, when using your manual or powered wheelchair, we also look at how would you be transporting your chair.

The type of options you may require to enable a more independent lifestyle, from electric seating functions that will enable you to change your seating position throughout the day, like electric tilt 'n' space, powered recline, electric elevating leg rests or maybe you require more of a complex bespoke manual or powered wheelchair, giving you the functionality and ability to go from a sit to standing position to help relieve pressure and increase blood flow circulation and reducing spasticity and contractures, also giving you the freedom to achieve those day to day tasks independently.


Sat comfortably 

Selecting the right seating, comfort is not something to be achieved merely, by selecting the right seating elements for pressure care and clinical support complete with seating accessory options, the correct adjustment of of any seating system can be achieved whether its a wheelchair back or pressure relief cushion is actually where it all starts

Bespoke Assessment Support Service

Our bespoke service complements our Assessment Support Service. We recognise that every manual or powered wheelchair assessment is different, and you may have additional requirements with a bespoke assessment, we’re able to adapt your new manual or powered wheelchair so that it will exactly meet your clinical needs in any area relating seating, special controls seating accessories like padded hip belts, harnesses, adjustable headrest or even swing away / detachable mounts for your communication aid or for your tablet, android or iPhone, even cup holders and so much more.    


Your Independence and Freedom starts here

Our values

Product Choice

Our customers don’t all look the same, each and everyone is unique so we like to offer a range of bespoke mobility solutions, and to ensure there’s something for everyone.

Bespoke Mobility UK Promise

We think our customers shouldn't  pay more to access  products and services. So we’ve made a promise to all our new and existing customers that they will never pay more for bespoke mobility and Healthcare products. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to inspire a healthier lifestyle, by connecting social mobility to all communities, and by accessing our customers needs correctly, delivering bespoke manual & powered wheelchairs to less abled bodied people. To build the best bespoke products,  to inspire and implement mobility solutions for all environments.

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