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Tie-Down System From Baldertech 

Balderlock Tie down from Baldertech.PNG

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Automatic Tie-down System from Baldertech,

is the safe, drive-from-wheelchair dock and lock solution for Balder powerchairs The optional Balder Automatic Tie-down System allows you to secure your Balder powerchair in a (WAV) wheelchair accessible vehicle for driving or travelling as a passenger. Compatible with the F290, F280 and F270 powerchairs, the Automatic Tie-down System is a unique solution that provides crash tested safety for drivers and passengers that wish to travel further afield with peace of mind. It can also be fitted to junior Balder powerchair so younger individuals can travel in an adapted vehicle.

This Balder system consists of a floor mounted anchor point that is secured to an wheelchair adapted vehicle and an electrically operated locking mechanism fitted to the underside of a Balder powerchair.

As the adapted powerchair is driven into position, the mechanism activates and locks the Balder model, whilst the user is secured via the vehicle seat belt. The locking collar is easy to access with a wide opening and deactivation is straightforward when de-docking, via a conveniently located button installed on the powerchair armrest.


The Balder Tie-down System is unique when compared to other drive-from-wheelchair solutions as the powerchair provides the electrical source for the locking mechanism. This delivers faster, less obtrusive adaptations to the vehicle as additional electrical wiring is not required. In addition to the Balder Automatic Tie-down System,  also provides the Balder Undercarriage System which can be fitted to the underside of standard vehicle seats. This provides the additional flexibility to remove standard seating and exchange the position of the Balder user so that travelling either as a passenger or driver is possible.


Whether you are driving the vehicle or travelling as a passenger the Balder Automatic Tie-down System, which has been successfully tested to the ISO 7176-19 standard, will always leave you feeling safe and secure.

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