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LiNX 400 Touchscreen Remote

Balder Finesse 290 Powerchair (stand-up)


The power to conquer the day, every day.
LiNX delivers sustained power throughout driving and additional boost to get your power wheelchair up and over obstacles. Proven reliability and patented control algorithms deliver consistent performance over the lifetime of your power wheelchair, with best-in-class power for controlling seating actuators.

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Seamless end-to-end solutions that enhance and enable smarter clinical interaction and make it easy for you to interact with personal electronic devices.



 Better solutions in everyday life.


LiNX 400 Touchscreen Remote

The LiNX 400 features a revolutionary touchscreen interface that can be customised to suit a wide range of abilities by changing the sensitivity of the screen. Optional access methods include programmable buttons and optional toggles, combined with flexible menu structures, create a versatile option for those who require the very best functionality and performance in a stylish package. Compatible with the broad range of LiNX secondary remotes and auxiliary modules, the LiNX 400 Touchscreen Remote is ready to create the ultimate power wheelchair experience for joystick drivers.



LINX 400 Compact Remote

The LiNX 400 Compact Remote can be paired with the LiNX 400 remote, or LiNX 500 display to access a full range of driving, seating and connectivity functionality.  Its highly compact robust design and easy to read display makes it ideal for centre-mount applications, or speciality applications for users with minimal movement. Available with an optional low force joystick with an average deflection force of just 81 grams (standard LiNX remotes are 138 grams). 



Support multiple wheelchair configurations from just one file and sort the menu of a users’ chair into any order that they like – that’s unique to LiNX!


A function operates a drive, seating or connectivity feature of your chair


A ‘folder’ that can have any mix of drive, seating or connectivity functions. Assemble in any order or theme to suit your style.


Settings that apply to different versions of a chair, for example one configuration for slower motors and a different one for the same chair fitted with high speed motors

You hold the cards

Think of your LiNX system like a deck of cards; the full pack of cards is the configuration, the functions are like suites, and a profile is like the hand you are holding.



Touch screen interaction is everywhere. Together with users we made it accessible.

Zero-force touch

Zero force touchscreens benefit users with very low strength, or reduced range of motion or accuracy. Select different interaction styles; choose from Tap or Swipe, set your display for Left- or Right-hand use and activate Glove Mode for use with splints and supports.


Prefer buttons & dials? Enjoy the ease and predictability of the simple drive and seating remotes. LiNX delivers the right balance between tactile feedback and ease of use for buttons, dials, and joysticks.  Easily add toggle switches and personalise to suit client needs. 

Go touch-free

Not all users can physically interact with their remotes.  LiNX  lets you go touch-free with a range of menu scanning and specialty control options.

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