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 balder finesse F290 Junior Powerchair (Stand Up) 

from baldertech


With all the benefits of the adult F290, the balder finesse F290 Junior’s most striking feature is its movement from sitting or lying to a standing position. When the F290 Junior begins to move to an upright position, the supporting castors will automatically lower when the surface is level, enabling your child to move safely while standing.

The F290 Junior will also raise and lower your child as they sit or lie, so they can reach up higher or down closer to the ground. In addition, they can tilt forward and back into positions that make them more comfortable as they work, play and relax.

The F290 Junior has a battery life of up to 10 miles and will keep even the most intrepid explorer on the move.

Sprayed in their favourite colour and personalised with optional accessories that make life more enjoyable, the F290 Junior will be there to support your child as they develop and become a young adult.

POWERFUL High performance front wheel drive


Balder Finesse 290 Powerchair (stand-up)
Balder Finesse 290 Junior Powerchair (St


Ultra LOW Seat to floor height


The balder finesse F290 Junior, such as the often undervalued low seat to floor height offers one of the lowest seat to floor height's available, it can easily sit under tables and access Wheelchair Adaptive Vehicles (WAVs) with a low seat height from just 380 mm.

COMFORT endless possibilities


The balder finesse F290 Junior offers Rising above all other powerchairs, the F290 takes you from sitting or lying in a upright position with a stop/start movement that you control. With a supporting chest strap and knee brace to give total security and comfort, you can even drive safely in a standing position, confident that you will remain stable.

Balder F 290 Powerchair.jpg
Balder F 290 Powerchair Rear (9).jpg

COMPACT Manoeuvrability


The balder finesse F290 Junior offers a compact turning circle and is responsive and manoeuvrable. The front wheel drive allows you to manoeuvre the chair accurately and because its maximum width is a narrow 640mm, you will have no problem passing through standard household doorways. Making it perfect for indoor use. 

Dynamic REM400 Remote.png


LiNX 400 Touchscreen Remote

The LiNX 400 features a revolutionary touchscreen interface that can be customised to suit a wide range of abilities by changing the sensitivity of the screen. Optional access methods include programmable buttons and optional toggles, combined with flexible menu structures, create a versatile option for those who require the very best functionality and performance in a stylish package. Compatible with the broad range of LiNX secondary remotes and auxiliary modules, the LiNX 400 Touchscreen Remote is ready to create the ultimate power wheelchair experience for joystick drivers.


Seamless end-to-end solutions that enhance and enable smarter clinical interaction and make it easy for you to interact with personal electronic devices.



LINX 400 Compact Remote

The LiNX 400 Compact Remote can be paired with the LiNX 400 remote, or LiNX 500 display to access a full range of driving, seating and connectivity functionality.  Its highly compact robust design and easy to read display makes it ideal for centre-mount applications, or speciality applications for users with minimal movement. Available with an optional low force joystick with an average deflection force of just 81 grams (standard LiNX remotes are 138 grams). 



Configuration Front wheel drive

Electric seat lift 380-820mm

Electric seat tilt forward 15° + Stand-up function

Electric seat tilt backward 15°

Electric recline back 0-90°

Leg rests, elevating Electric

Leg rests, length compensation Electric


Length 1130 mm

Width 640 mm

Minimum transport height Approx. 800 mm

Standard modular seat height *380-820 mm

Standard modular seat widths *400-480 mm

Standard modular seat depths *425-540 mm

Maximum speed Up to 9,9 km/h

Range **Up to 34 km

Maximum user weight 120 kg

Battery capacity 2 x 12v 55ah

Charging time ***8 Hours

Weight including batteries 140 kg

Front tyre dimension 300 x 8″

Rear tyre dimension 250 x 3″

Axle distance 615 mm

Ground clearance 70 mm

Turning circle 1285 mm

* Smaller seating systems are available for the junior

** Range is calculated under test conditions. Weight, terrain and weather conditions can affect range of travel

*** Charging time can be affected by atmospheric temperature, battery age and the range required

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