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SANGO Slimline Comfort MWD


In situations that make using a standard-sized wheelchair difficult or perhaps even impossible (when encountering narrow lifts, door openings or pads), the SANGO slimline offers the solution. Although there are several wheelchairs on the market that can cope with such problems, battery capacity is often the compromise that users will be asked to make. But not where the SANGO slimline is concerned, as it is fitted with 60 Ah batteries.

Due to the modularity of the SANGO range of wheelchairs, every component on top of the base drive unit is identical to the SANGO advanced.

Product features

  • Possible with SEGO comfort or with SEGO junior seating

  • Available as Mid Wheel Drive (MWD)

  • MWD in 6 or 10 km/h

  • Ultra compact chassis, total width of just 51cm with 12" or 53cm with 14″ drive wheels!

  • Extra low seat height

  • Long range thanks to 60Ah super cycle batteries

  • MWD extremely small turning circle, this means ultimate freedom and convenience


POWERFUL High performance mid  wheel drive

Delivers great manoeuvrability and smoothness of drive to give a great driving experience. 6 or 10 km/h motor speeds are available to suit most indoor and outdoor use. A Gyro module can also be selected to enhance straight line driving at higher speeds.



LOW Seat to floor height


To come up with a design that was even more slim than the SANGO advanced SEGO comfort, DIETZ Power developers went a very long way. They even managed to reduce the width of the frame without it affecting the wheelchair’s handling, stability and technical possibilities. The SANGO slimline SEGO comfort is just 410mm high, which makes it still easy to slide under worktops and tables.


COMFORT endless possibilities

Comfort is a minimum must have, therefore the Sango Advanced is equipped with the Sego seating system for excellent support for the head, trunk, arms and legs.

• Possible seat height of 410mm, even with lift/tilt module!

• Easy adjustable in seat width and seat depth

• Broad offer of seating and backrest upholstery

• Several powered seat options (backrest, tilt and/or lift)

• Feasible with adjustable (fixed) footrests, manual leg rests (gas spring), powered leg rest or powered centre mount leg rest (length and/or angle adjustable)


CONTROL Powered wheelchair joystick options


The Sango Advanced can be equipped with a VR2 or R-net electronic system. The R-net has the possibility to add the Omni module with any special control for individual needs. Because of the integrated Bluetooth and IR communication system in the R-net controller it is possible to connect the controller to external devices, such as a mobile phone or tv. These devices can then be controlled with the controller joystick. Also a Gyro module can be added to the R-net controller to have an even more stable and comfortable driving.



Product Brand: PG Drives Technology

Colour LCD Joystick Modules provide a modern and highly aesthetic user display, which enhances the appearance of the whole powerchair.

  • Ergonomic and stylish design

  • Easy-to-operate pushbuttons

  • Hi-resolution graphics colour LCD

  • Large and clear screen icons

  • Two jack sockets as standard

  • On-Board Programming (OBP) option

  • With and without lighting control

  • Charging socket


Colour LCD Joystick Modules provide a modern and highly aesthetic user display, which enhances the appearance of the whole powerchair. The size of the graphics on the screen have also been optimized to make them as large as possible to reflect the operating condition of the wheelchair. Any text displays are programmable, meaning the R-net System can be set-up to suit most local market requirements. Furthermore, the positions of the display and the buttons, as well as the operating forces for the buttons, are chosen to make the Joystick Module as user-friendly as possible. The joystick module is fitted as standard with two jack-sockets for external "Buddy" type buttons, as well as an industry-standard charging port.

Two versions are available – with and without lighting control.

*Please note above joystick controller is a cost option and not standard

VR2 Logo small.PNG


Powered Wheelchair  unique and affordable input devices


Total Solutions with mo-Vis-Products

Heavy Duty Kit.PNG
All Round Joystick Light.PNG

mo-Vis stands for 'move with vision', as we like to keep moving forward and get people "on the move"!


We keep moving on: we never stop thinking, designing and developing more new and innovative products.



There are numerous of options for the SANGO include a selection of colours, wheel types, powered adjustments, seat and backrest cushions, legrests, armrests, headrests, trays and accessories. Depending on the frame or seat type certain options are possible.

Total Width min 53cm max 70cm

Total Length incl leg rests 107cm

Max Load Capacity 160kg

Speed 6, 10 km/h

Range (Up to 30 km) with  (60 Ah GEL)

Turning Radius cm

Drive Type: Mid Wheel Drive

Weight Without Batteries 102 kg

Controller type VR2 or R-NET

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